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Of No Nation

Camp Collar (White)

Camp Collar (White)

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Inspired by off duty looks, the camp-collar Cantonment Shirt will age nicely with wear and washes. 

About Khadi Fabric: Khadi, or hand-spun and hand-woven cloth, became a symbol of self-reliance, economic empowerment, and cultural pride. The Independence movement encouraged Indians to boycott British-made textiles and instead produce and wear khadi as a form of nonviolent protest against British economic exploitation.Through the widespread adoption of khadi and other forms of indigenous craftsmanship, Indians demonstrated their resilience and determination to assert their sovereignty and dignity. Jugaad enabled them to bypass colonial restrictions on trade and commerce, revitalize traditional industries, and build networks of solidarity and support within their communities.

  • Unbleached, handwoven Indian Khadi–100% Cotton
  • Italian Urea buttons with distressed finish
  • Clean French seam construction
  • Made in USA
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